Get lost in a brand new adventure from Alexander Jacobs.

When Cayden is taken from his town by two mysterious soldiers, he embarks on a journey that will shake the world to its core.

Cayden has never really fit in with the other boys in his village. Picked on for his lack of parents and his strange golden eye, he usually keeps to himself, daydreaming about a massive tree towering over a city of white and diamond. Little does he know, the city from his dreams is real. On a quest to discover the secrets of his past, he must learn to control the Ethereal Hand, an ancient power that will help him bring balance to the world...or destroy it!

The Mad Chief: Part I

November 15, 2012

“I told you I wouldn’t work this late again.” The words hung in silence for a moment, and Bastion’s computer seemed to frown. “What? I’m just practicing for what I’ll tell her tomorrow.” The monitor glowed doubtfully, casting its bluish-white … Continue reading

How to Write a Novel – The Research

September 12, 2012

Though often necessary, research can be a massive distraction from writing.  As such, it’s a good idea to take a very close look at precisely when research is helpful and when it might actually prevent you from ever finishing your … Continue reading

Choose another Activity to Help you Focus on your Plot

August 9, 2012

I’ve created a lot of illustrations for the Other Side of Gold.  Currently, I have about thirty drawings in various stages of completion.  I didn’t really have an interest in creating an illustrated tale, nor was I attempting any sort … Continue reading

How to Write a Novel – The Decision

As I’ve mentioned before, writing a book is a massive time investment with (realistically) a very low probability of earning any meaningful amount of money or renown.  You really have to want to turn your idea into a novel to … Continue reading

How to Write a Novel – The Idea

August 3, 2012

The Formation of Ideas Why do ideas come during those moments when my mind is least rational, least orderly?  On the edge of sleep, practical matters dissolve into a spinning wheel of fantasy into which my thoughts dip.  It is … Continue reading