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The Other Side of Gold - The Ethereal Kingdom Book 1

Cayden’s golden eye cast him as a dangerous outcast amongst the other children in his isolated village, and he spends his time daydreaming about a massive tree towering above a diamond city. Little does he know, the city is real. On a quest to discover the secrets of his past, he encounters men made of glittering metal, trees that float through the sky like blimps, and new friends who will help him bring balance to a world thrown into water.

The Ethereal Hand - The Ethereal Kingdom Book 2

Cayden and Leyna race to unite the witches Perianths, and Sky People before a malevolent entity names Sevron consumes their world. Centuries of fighting and mistrust won’t be easy to overcome. Meanwhile, the answers Cayden seeks may be held inside the mind of a young (yet very, very old) boy named Dakota. 

His Ethereal Kingdom - The Ethereal Kingdom Book 2

Years have passed. Leyna never forgave Cayden for his decision to follow Dakota’s plan, and she seeks another solution on Earth. As Sevron’s unassailable power demonstrates the futility of even the best-laid plans, Cayden searches for answers that may exist beyond their reality. 

The Ethereal Kingdom - Complete Trilogy

Read all three novels in a single volume!

The Void

An obsessive Riverwalker priest convinces Birch, a dying man, that he is a reincarnated mythical icon destined to restore magic to a world in decay - but nothing is as it seems. Is the void’s promise of immortality a blessing, or is it another Riverwalker lie? Birch spends his dying days on a journey that will transform the Riverwalkier religion forever.

The First Servant

After ten thousand years, the immortal ruler of the Defiant Empire begins slaughtering his citizens without explanation or obvious reason. Grey, a boy tortured by a maniacal demon, is swept up in a plot to overthrow the unstoppable tyrant - all while battling his own impulse to hurt everyone he encounters.